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How did we get here?
From Take-out to

The idea to sell stir fry sauces came to Joyce and Jim Stoll after customers at their successful take-out restaurant, Wok on Old Cheney in Lincoln, NE, kept asking if they could buy our delicious homemade stir fry sauces that were served in our restaurant.

The customers knew what Joyce knew: "The secret to creating authentic Cashew Chicken, Broccoli Beef or Kung Pao (just to name a few dishes) is the authentic stir fry sauce. By making these sauces available to the consumer everyone can easily prepare and serve their favorite stir fry meals in their own homes” exclaimed Joyce

Putting a new product on the market is no easy task.

In 1998, Jim read about an entrepreneurial program, "From Product to Profit", at the University of NE Food Processing Center. After Joyce attended the one-day seminar she enrolled in the “From Product to Profit” program, and then the couple went on to develop Oriental Secret Stir Fry sauces

After submitting 78 samples, they were finally given the go-ahead to market the four most popular stir fry sauces.

These sauces make mealtime fast, fun and easy. The Oriental Secrets jars come with instruction on how to create the perfect stir fry meal. "In 10 minutes you can have a stir fry entree that's as good as any restaurants." Joyce said

To make Oriental Secrets even better it is MSG and Fat Free.

In February of 1999, the Stolls started marketing Oriental Secrets to all the major grocery stores in Lincoln, NE. To date over 200,000 jars of the award winning stir fry sauces have been sold.

Thanks for checking out my sauces. Joyce

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